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Our visitors’ satisfaction, privacy and confidentiality when using our website are very important to us, and we use cookies to help us improve our service to you.

What are cookies?

Cookies are little bits of data which may be stored on your computer, phone or tablet when you use a website. They’re designed to help tailor your visits, and help you get the best from your experience.

What do cookies actually do?

Cookies can make your website visit quicker and easier by allowing our website to recognise your device and remembering information you may have shared with us so you don’t have to keep putting that information in again – such as your username and password.

What cookies are NOT used for

We’ll NEVER use cookies to store any sensitive or personal information or pass information or details to third parties – unless you have given permission for us to do so.

For your protection, you can manage or delete cookies that are stored on your device.

Managing your cookies

Most computers and devices are set to automatically accept cookies, but you can disable this function through your browser settings if you’d prefer these data files not to be stored.

If you disable some types of cookies, you may notice that some website functions will be more limited or that you may need to input information more regularly when using specific functions of the website.

If a certain type of cookie is essential to correct website functionality (such as adding items to an online shopping basket or storing personal preferences) the law does not require for consent to be obtained.

Types of cookies

Different cookies serve different functions: those vital for performance and functionality are usually set to be automatically stored, but the law requires that cookies come with the option to accept or reject them by the user.

Session cookies will usually only be stored for the duration of your current visit; we use session cookies in order to help you navigate seamlessly between different screens and pages, and to ensure that basic navigational requests can be met efficiently.

Persistent cookies may be stored for a specified time period and saved on your computer’s hard drive until the specified time has elapsed.